19 Unusual Pencil Sharpeners

A sword is to a knight what a pen is to a nerd.  For those who believe that a pen is mightier than the sword knows the true value of it. If you are one of those who might forget to take breakfast but would never forget to carry a pen or a pencil, then these unusual pencil sharpeners are the right thing for you to add extra power to your already powerful weapon. We have brought to you these unusual pencil sharpeners to keep you armored all the time, and that to without making any mistake. Take a look!

Living Dead Doll Sadie Pencil Sharpener

This “Living Dead Doll Sadie Pencil Sharpener” is creepy, weird and I guess perfect for Halloween gift. Insert the pencil in the eye socket of the doll’s head to sharpen your pencil. A button on the back of the head will cause the doll to “throw up” the shavings of the pencil. It’s better if you probably wouldn’t let your kids see this pencil sharpener.

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Nose Pencil Sharpener

Probably the only thing your mom will let you stick in your nose without yelling at you. No don’t get me wrong for what I am talking about is this “Nose Pencil Sharpener”. Even if you stick your pencil into it, your mom won’t shout at you. This pencil sharpener will add little humor to your otherwise boring tasks of doing homework or accounts. Keep this sharpener on your office desk and you’re guaranteed to make some friends.

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Dogs and Cats Pencil Sharpener

Sharpening pencil is quite a boring job, especially when you’re using those old boring sharpeners, right? Now here is “Dog and Cat Pencil Sharpener” to add a little fun to your boring job of sharpening pencil. Dog and cat pencil sharpener both has got hole in its rear to help you sharpen your blunt pencil, and not only that but when you insert pencil to sharpen, the dog and cat, woofs and meows respectively. These sharpeners can be great gifts for kids.

Beautiful Glass Pencil Sharpener

Designed by Mac Funamizu this “Beautiful Glass Pencil Sharpener” is truly a stylish looking sharpener. Shaped like a globe, this sharpener comes in two parts. The top portion which has the sharpener while the bottom portion is a container that stores the pencil crumbs with space left between stand and the bottom half. Kids who love to see their pencil being sharpened would love this Beautiful Glass Pencil Sharpener and would like to place this as a table top accessory.

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ATE Pencil Sharpener

“ATE Pencil Sharpener” by Paul Sandip is a double bladed stainless steel pencil sharpener which effectively sharpens thick and thin pencils to a comfortable sharp tip every time. One inserts the pencil into one of the holes and twists the pencil while holding the sharpener steady. It works like any ordinary pencil sharpener but its design and satin finish makes this sharpener stand out in crowd.

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Eco – Twinkle Light

We often try to replace disposable batteries in electronic gear with rechargeable ones to reduce the toxic waste batteries carry along in the landfill. Designer Kenan Wang has come up with “Eco-Twinkle” which is the merging of pencil sharpener and human powered wind-up light. By sharpening pencil or rotating the handle the battery power will be recharged. If there is not enough power left in the battery, rotating the handle will cause the power to charge and light to come out. It also has a button on top of “Eco-Twinkle” to turn the light on or off.

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Origami Pencil Sharpener

Designed by Donn Koh, this “Origami Pencil Sharpener” is simple and easy to use. The design captures the spirit of origami with folds that create volumes for ergonomic handling and also form the channel walls to guide pencils into place. The grinded edge forms the shaving blade.

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Hedgehog Pencil Sharpener

The “Hedgehog Pencil Sharpener” not only sharpens pencil, but can also hold up to 7 pencils in its head. This cute desktop companion features a non-skid bottom and a sizable compartment for storing pencil shavings.

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V8 Engine Pencil Sharpener

Sharpen your pencil like a real man would with a “V8 Engine Pencil Sharpener”. The roar of the engine will come to life with every pencil that you sharpen. It would be just like a neglected engine if you don’t maintain your sharpener by emptying out the shavings, the engine will stall. Whether you are a fan of the BBC’s Top Gear or not makes no difference, using a V8 to sharpen your pencil is the only way to go.

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Doggy Style Pencil Sharpener

This is definitely one of the most weird pencil sharpeners you must have come across. You might have this “Doggy Style Pencil Sharpener” as a collectible. But you might not want your kids to use it. You already know why.

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Reuse Pencil Sharpener

This Fabulous “Reuse Pencil Sharpener” is a creation of designers – Hao Gin Weng, Siang Yin Ke, and Che Hao Li. This is the most unique and the best way of recycling your pencil shaving into something useful. Yes you heard it right, this Reuse Pencil Sharpener recycles pencil shavings into an eraser. First you plug this device in, and then you sharpen the pencil and your turning of the crank smashes and squishes that wood into an eraser. Cool isn’t it?

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Wind-Up Robot Pencil Sharpener

“Wind-Up Robot Pencil Sharpener” looks like one of those classic robot toys from the 80s with its Lego-hands and boxy design. It works like any other pencil sharpeners, but the turning motion of the sharpening process will also wind-up the clockwork mechanism within to let this little robot walk across your desk. And if you’re out of blunt pencil then no need to worry, for this robot has a winding key that keeps it going. Sharpening your pencil has never been this fun!

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Ring Pencil Sharpener

Ignacio Pilotto’s “Sharpener Ring” is not only a ring but is also a sharpener. Artists, illustrators, designers, architects, and student who use pencils will love this idea and may want to slip it on in their fingers. It could also be a meaningful gift to any of your artist friends. This concept of Sharpener Ring is very innovative, unique, and geeky eyes will find it a truly interesting idea.

Beer Barrel Manual Pencil Sharpener

“Beer Barrel Manual Pencil Sharpener” as the name suggests is a pencil sharpener in the shape of Beer Barrel. It is a fantastic item to gift your child. Just poke its top button to insert your pencil, rocking-turn the handle to sharpen and then again poke the top button to remove the pencil, simple right? The best part is it can be fixed on any edge of your desk.

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Antique Toilet Pencil Sharpener

We all like spending time in our bathroom every day. So why limit your use of toilet to those few minutes? Place Your “Antique Toilet Pencil Sharpener” on your desk and you can enjoy that view all day. This toilet which will sharpen your pencil and will not give you foul odors like the real thing often emanates.

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Mouse Pencil Sharpener

Are you bored of using same old dull pencil sharpener? Then this little mouse will help you cheer up your mood a bit. This “Mouse Pencil Sharpener” has a flip top lid and wheels. The hole to sharpen your pencil is placed in the mouse rear end. This Mouse Pencil Sharpener is definitely one of the cutest sharpeners you must have come across.

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Wooden iPod Mini Speakers with Pencil Sharpener

This mini external speaker for iPods and other MP3 players is certainly one of the most curious systems you must have come across which comes with an integral pencil sharpener. Apparently based on a gramophone design, this handmade external iPod speaker is small enough to hang from a bag or you can even wear it around your neck using a strap.

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Wind-Up Triceratops Pencil Sharpener

The “Wind-Up Triceratops Pencil Sharpener” is a classic wind-up toy that also sharpens pencil. As you sharpen the twist your pencil, it winds up a mechanism allowing the dino to lumber across your desk. Pencil shavings are collected in the dino’s head which can be easily opened and emptied. There is also a key provided for winding it up when all your pencils are sharpen.

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Panda Pencil Sharpener

For all you animal lovers here is this cute Panda Pencil Sharpener to sharpen your pencil. This sharpener is made of hand painted resin and looks quite realistic. Panda Pencil Sharpener can be a nice gift for any kid.

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