The Exorcist Spider Walk Regan Action Figure

Action figurines are popular all over the world. Kids and adults like the way a Spider-man figurine stands atop the dresser table, smart and attractive in his spider costume. Keeping this fan fetish in mind, Entertainment Earth has designed a latest figurine to hold the attention of the fans – The Exorcist Spider Walk Regan Action Figure.

The movie created a furore across the world when it was released in 1973, so much so even now, moviegoers regard The Exorcist as one of the all-time horror classics which has thus resulted in the present creation of The Spider Walk Regan Action Figure.

The specifications of the figure are simple. The figure depicts Regan balancing on her head and palms just like the infamous scene portrayed in the movie. The figurine is flexible – one can modulate Regan’s ball-jointed neck, swivel Regan’s forearms and legs to turn the figurine into a mock-horror show at home. Additionally, the action figure comes attached to a stairs shaped base to lend it authenticity and recreate the magic of the horror scene on a smaller scale.

For some it might seem like madness to invest in a toy like this, but only true fans know the relevance and importance of classics. And investing in a toy showing one of the scariest horror scenes is something that any horror film fan will want to do.  The Exorcist would not have become a rage if the plot of the story would not have lived up to its name. The name and the storyline of the movie inspire immediate recognition, and the creators’ idea of designing such a toy to immortalize the horror scene is brilliant indeed.

Priced at $16.99 and measuring seven inches in height, the toy has the potential to redefine the toy culture just like the original scene redefined the horror culture and set up a trend of its own. And considering that the price is a bargain, especially when taken into account the famed recollections of the movie panorama, it is something that no fan will want to avoid.

As reiterated before, there are a few things that the old and the new generation can resist alike. Action figures of super heroes like Superman and Spider-man and now more recently, Ben 10 are common occurrences. Adding a little twist to the story and recreating the pop fantasy is the ultimate goal of Entertainment Earth and The Exorcist Spider Walk Regan Action Figure is a testimony to that USP.

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