Steampunk Pinhole Camera Gives Photography a Victorian Flare

There always seems to be something inherently cool about steampunk gadgetry. I mean even if you take something usually reserved for the beningn, like a camera, and dress it up with a nice Victorian finish and some brass flare, suddenly the thing looks like a masterpiece. This steampunk pinhole camera by Mark 2010 definitely fits the bill there, and I kinda wish I had one.

The wood finish is what really makes it, although the metal pattern is very regal looking as well. I’m curious as to whether this has any real fucntionality built into it or if it’s just a prop. It couldn’t be all that difficult to place a real digital camera in the guts there and connect that top brass piece to the “take a picture” mechanism (that’s layman’s term for I have no idea what that’s called). The rudimentary zoom function mounted on top is also cool, and it appears that there’s a tripod piece to go along with it as well.

Now, to round out the ensemble, you’ll need some other steampunk gear, too. Thankfully, Walyou is just the place for this sort of thing. Firstly, in the futurustic steampunk world of the post nuclear war future, you’re gonna need some weaponry. A common choice is a coilgun, but this “Ray Gun” style coilgun would make the perfect fit. You’re also going to need some headgear in order to survive in the harsh new (old?) environment. For that, we have a nice steampunk mask waiting for you. You may as well include a close combat weapon like this Steampunk Lightsaber just in case things get too close for comfort. You never can be too careful out there, you know?