Matthew Livaudais’ Chess Board

Are you an avid chess player? Do you always wanted a chess board that is unique and something your folks would appreciate. If you did, then this chess board is for you. Matthew Livaudais designed this chess set by creating the silhouettes and blocks in an illustrator and then using a laser to make sure they are cut perfectly.

Once the pieces were cut, he glued them together. So, the result was that he was smart enough to create both the teams (white and black usually) by using a single piece of plywood of around 17.25 inches x 18.25 inches.

What I particular like about this chess set is the neatness factor. Even though it is mostly hand made, it is quite neat. Most of the chess sets you find out there are not really as neat as this one unless they are highly expensive. But this piece of Matthew’s art is neat and of course fun at the same time.

Honestly, just look at it, the way he has cut each and every piece is amusing. Its not like they are in the standard shapes, Matthew has changed them a bit and has used his creativity to make them look unique. This is what I call an excellent chess set for those winter days!

On the other hand, its not like you are buying a chess set that looks cheap or preppy. This one has that old school touch which I guess every chess set should in order to look more appealing. The wooden touch is necessary to make it look like a real chess board. Seriously, I wonder how people cope up with plastic or steel chess boards. Until and unless they are wooden, they don’t look and feel like chess boards. If you are an avid chess player you would know what I am talking about!

I am a bit disappointed though because this chess set by Matthew Livaudais is not out on sale yet. For now, it is just a part of his creative profile and I wish it comes out soon. Would love to have this one!

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