The Donkey Cake

We love Donkey as much as we love Shrek don’t we? In fact, majority of the viewers found Donkey funnier and cuter than Shrek. And we can’t forget the second part in which Donkey had his cute little flying dragon-donkey babies. For sure, the Donkey has been one funny character and for that very reason, he is popular amongst everyone.

Not to forget, kids love Donkey even more. So, if you have a kid who loves Donkey, then this Donkey Cake is perfect for you to try on his next birthday.

Made by Debbie, this cake is another great piece of art. Debbie has been making cakes for a while now and we have covered her cakes before as well. Last time we spoke about her Batman Logo cake which was brilliant but was too plain to judge the maker’s craft. But, this time, Debbie has proven that she is one great cake maker. I mean just look at the pictures, does it look like a cake? No, right? It looks more like a plastic Donkey because of the way Debbie has finished it. This is truly awesome. From head to toe, this Donkey looks so perfect that you can’t even spot one major flaw in it.

The eyes, the teeth, and the hair were I guess the most difficult area to make but Debbie did it well. Although the teeth could have been neater, still I think she has done a great job and I am sure Debbie is improving with time. The base of the Donkey has strawberries so you won’t even be compromising on the taste as you do with most of the fancy cakes. If you intend to make this cake, I would suggest to replace those artificial strawberries with real ones to make it tastier.

What I particularly like about the cake is the neatness and the color combination Debbie has kept. The ears especially are up high and they look quite stiff to fall down. This Donkey Cake stands 20 inches high so you can imagine what a delight it would be to get this one for your kid on his next birthday party.

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