i-Toc Time Revolution Designer Watches Hands on Review

While the majority always depend on their cellphones for the current time, designer watches have not gone out of style, with new designs being released left and right. The new i-Toc Time Revolution designs provide a fresh new look, an innovative fashion style and simple use.

designer watches i toc time revolution purple blue black

i-Toc has released a collection of Fashionable Designer Watches which are really fresh to the eyes. Along with the amazing looks, they settled on 6 trendy colors with which to grant a practical, yet exciting new line of watches…the Time Revolution.

designer watch i toc time revolution red

When we actually started using the watch, we were originally impressed with its stylish looks. The i-Toc watches are approximately the size of the original clip on iPod Shuffles and remain consistent with the nice finish throughout. The watches are square to begin with, but just like Apple devices, they have great finish on the edges that combines slight curves and smooth edges. The latter grants it an exclusive style that doesn’t sting your eyes but instead soothes them. In addition, besides the engraved “i-Toc” brand on the watch’s face, it remains minimalistic and thus very acceptable.

designer watch i toc time revolution black imagedesigner watch i toc time revolution orange image

The band of the watch seems a tad cheap at first touch, but then you realize that it is an actually thick and durable band that is crosshatched on the outside but smooth on the inside for comfort on your wrist. Moreover, its size can easily be adjusted to fit different sized wrist, making it even more of a unisex watch.

What about the Time Revolution?

i-toc design watch review

The i-Toc isn’t just about looks and feel, but also about the innovative way to read time. Without complicating time anymore than it is for some, the i-Toc remains true to the classic 2 handed watch (hour and minute) and replaces them with 2 spherical discs for a unique look. The inner disc is just like the small hand used to tell the hour, and the outside disc is like the long hand used to tell the current minute. As can be seen in the images, instead of having the hands tell the time, the discs stay consistent with the hands but present the time by the line cut within the discs. This way, just like an analog clock, these watches remain simple to read, practical for use and have an added style (with face, band and discs) to be really fresh.

designer watch i toc time revolution purple imagedesigner watch i toc time revolution blue image

For different tastes, the i-Toc watches are available in Black, Silver, Blue, Purple, Red and Orange. Still, each color has its own very limited quantities, making it that your chances of running into someone wearing the same watch are very slim. Furthermore, some famous personalities also got into the i-Toc revolution such as Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child), Chris Elliot (Amy Winehouse), Chicky Reeves (Radiohead) and even New Order.

For further information, news, reviews and more, it is best to check out the official i-Toc Website. Also available is the i-Toc iPhone App (image below), which brings the Time Revolution to your Apple Touchscreen.

i-toc iphone app screenshot