Angry Birds Construction Paper Animation

South Park introduced a style of animation to the world that was cheap to do, and allowed stiff movements to become acceptable. I’m sure that South Park wasn’t the first to use this style of animation, but they were the ones that introduced it into mainstream media.Since we have the internet, we have the ability to showcase our animations and have the same – if not more- amount of viewers than those animations that are shown on the television. Gregory Cortez created a short animation that’s runs for less than a minute.Animation

The story of the animation is pretty much what the title says it is. It’s about angry birds. Right away you can tell they’re angry simply because they have that simplified angry face that most animated characters have, the eyebrows cutting off the eyes at an angle with their mouths frowning. It doesn’t specify why these birds are angry- it’s a part of the plot that happened right before we are introduced to the story. It is clear that they are angry at the green pig like heads, which they continually attack throughout the animation. The entire animation follows a video game style story line, which basically means there are a lot of random hitting and score points.

This video is cute and humourous. Gregory made a smart choice of making the video short, being aware that the action probably wouldn’t keep the audience interested for too long. This choice was also probably influenced by the fact that stop motion is hard and time consuming. He also chose to outline the main characters and the things they directly interact with. This gives the animation less of a construction paper feel to it, and it allows for the characters to pop out of the page.

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Via: GadgetHer