Kill Bill Themed Cake – Now Parties Couldn’t Get Any Wilder

We all love sweet, cute, and unusual cakes at our functions and parties. Most of us usually go with the theme of the party or the choice of the host for the shape and design of the cake, but very rarely it happens that someone wants to go for a weird and different design for a cake at their party.

If you think you fall into those rare category, don’t worry if you do because after taking a look at this weirdly cool cake, you will want to have this design at your next party you host! The design has been inspired from the very famous and widely know Kill Bill movie series. Let’s agree to it, most of us thought that Uma Thurman was gorgeously sexy in that movie, and I am pretty sure you will think of this cake design in a similar way.

The cake is designed and prepared by Barbarann Garrard from Cake rhapsody for his daughters 9th birthday. Although this might not exactly be appropriate for a Child’s birthday, as it signifies violence and blood among other things, it is a great cake design for parties, otherwise. The cake design has three layers. The bottom most layer which is white in color, signifies the scene from the movie where Beatrice (Thurman) is gunned down in the opening sequence, and to show perfection in design, there are also a few bullets, made out of chocolate on the bottom layer.

The next layer depicts the presence of the Japanese pagoda in the movie, and is shaped like the houses and buildings that we see in Japan. In connection to the Kill Bill movie, it signifies the scene where towards the end of the movie, Beatrice fights with the crazy 88’s and O-Ren Ishii. The next layer is yellow in color which represents the suit that Beatrice wears when she is fighting with O-Ren Ishii. Finally on top of that, is a piece of paper torn off of a notebook with a death list, which is edible and has a knife digged into the cake.

This is the kind of cake, that no one would have ever seen in a party in their entire lifetime. So if you have this Kill Bill themed cake at your party, people are not only going to enjoy this cake till the last bite, but also remember that they saw this cake design at your party.

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Cake Rhapsody via: geeksaresexy