Video Game Meat Diagrams Bring Out the Delectable Side of Pixels

We all have video game characters that we grew to love, even antagonists like King Koopa. Did you ever pause to think what your favorite video game character would taste like? No? Well it turns out, someone did, and fortunately it was more than just a passing thought.King Koopa Meat Diagram
Our hero Mario approaches the drawbridge after a series of evasive maneuvres against the speeding balls of fire, concentrating on little else but rescuing the princess. As the battle concludes and Bowser descends into the lava, does Mario take a moment to think about what could have been with turtle satay at the celebration feast? Jude Buffum considers that possibility and serves up some pictures of other characters that also look good enough to eat. It was all done for Pixel Pushers, an exhibition of video game inspired art, sculptures, and others goodies. Jude’s idea is partly credited to his long-standing obsession with meat diagrams.

The meat diagrams are nice and detailed and Jude is even kind enough to tell us what each other character goes nicely with e.g. in the case of King Koopa, mushrooms, carnivorous plants, and red wine are cited as ideal meal accompaniments. There are a variety of meat cuts and also serving suggestions. Suddenly Bowser is starting to look scrumptious, instead of humorous or fearsome.

Ganon Meat Diagram

Next up is Ganon, a beast form from the Legend of Zelda series of video games. Labeled as “The Other Dark Meat”, Ganon goes well with Deku nuts, fairy jelly, and red wine.

Chocobo Meat Diagram
The most delish looking video game character is without an inch of doubt Chocobo from the Final Fantasy series. Personally I would be bathing in guilt while munching on a chocobo drumstick or the appropriately named revenant wing because they’re just so gosh darn cute, but if we all started refraining from eating cute critters, the world would be a less tastier place, wouldn’t it?

Yoshi Meat DiagramCheepCheep Meat Diagram

Gesso Meat Diagram

Whereas Yoshi supposedly tastes like chicken, and provides eggs which can be lava boiled for extra goodness, in the seafood deparment we have Pukupuku and Gesso, the fish and the octopi species from Mario world. One thing’s for sure, after viewing the last two, I have a good mind to head for the nearest exit and make my way to a sushi bar.

For other sources of meat-related goodness, check out these business cards made from edible meat, and a Starship Enterprise sculpture made of cured meats, a geek staple.