Tron Themed Controllers for the Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation 3

Tron, the movie, was awesome but with time we all forgot it. It was I guess the only movie, over the years, that has focused on the life of a gamer. What a movie!!! But, how many gamers today know about it? Unfortunately, not many and it’s quite sad actually.

Tron Wii Controller runs for $49.99

Gamers today are least bothered about such movies but back then in the 80s they weren’t. Gaming was an emerging phenomenon and the industry was growing enormously so everyone wanted to know what the future is going to be like. And, Tron was just that one movie which showed us the future of gaming. So, I guess some gamers even today have not forgotten the movie and for that very reason such enthusiasts have created these controllers for the Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox!

Tron PS3 Controller costs $49.99

Each controller is currently available and is completely Tron themed. Basically, there is nothing new in the controller with regards to the functions. The only difference is the glowing lights and the color. I won’t say they are must-have gaming accessories but if you loved the movie, you should get them.

Tron Xbox 360 Controller costs $49.99

Now here comes the part which might disappoint you a bit. These controllers are wired. I don’t really know why they have kept the controllers that way but yes they are wired. The makers should have known that this is the wireless age and people are looking more and more forward towards wireless products. Right now I am wondering, who would bother buying wired controllers when they already have the wireless ones? Maybe some die-hard Tron fans would do but the majority I am sure wouldn’t like the idea.

What’s good about the controllers is of course the color combination. Blue radiation on matte black is something everyone would love. This is what makes these controllers so unique. Most of the themed controllers do not have matte black bodies along with LEDs that actually work. So, when you play games and the LEDs glow, they look truly sci-fi! There couldn’t be anything more that a gamer would want?

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