Dwight Schrute Munny Doll Makes Your Cubicle Even More Awkward

For fans of The Office, here’s a customized Munny Doll of Dwight Kurt Schrute III, everyone’s favorite (and incredibly socially awkward – detestable, really) salesman.

munny 6

I have to admit, I’ve never quite been able to understand the figurine-painting phenomenon. My boyfriend despairs every time I refer to his Warhammer 40,000 figures as having “a bit of paint here and there” and then lectures me on how the masters will paint dynamic lighting onto their miniatures so that they’ll look as if they’re in various lights, from high-contrast to fire-lit. That’s admittedly cool, yet I can’t help but feel that paint-your-own-figurine kits are made by companies who don’t want to bother hiring art designers.
munny 2

Of course, that mentality always changes when I see figurines of characters I recognize from movies and video games, like the Dwight Schrute Munny Doll by Byron Louie. I’m almost inspired to pick one of these up to customize myself – almost.
munny 3
And anyway, it’s not the base figure that matters so much as what you choose to paint on it. Munny Dolls make great modding projects, because they provide very spacious and smooth surfaces to paint on. The face and body are very plain and streamlined.
munny 4
This doll design is incredibly simple, yet it accurately represents the character, from his center-parted curls and long sideburns to his stern, M-shaped mouth. The shape of the Munny’s jaw even resembles Dwight’s round and often-annoyed face, though it makes him look more bloated than ticked off.
munny 5
The only part of the doll that disappoints me are the glasses; they look very hastily made, and aren’t even the right shape. Sure, it seems I’m being very nitpicky, but Dwight does have extremely distinct glasses – the nose band is doubled, aviator-style, except not at all in the form that’s currently trendy. The glasses almost look like half-moons here, rather than rounded rectangles.

We’ve seen a number of cool Munny mods here, but there are a few that capture the same simple spirit that this Dwight doll embraces. For instance, there’s the Mega Man Munny, complete with blaster arm and helmet, and the Rorschach Munny Dolls, equipped with terrifying “masks” and trench coats.

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