The Stunfone iPhone Accessory: Real or Fake?

To a great extent, it is just very true that the advancements in the technology are making life easier and safer. The latest instance is the stunfone, which is easy to carry and turn into a stun gun to make yourself feel safe. But is it even real?


The video put on youtube shows that a stun accessory is injected in an iPhone and then immediately, the light in the gun accessory blinks with a sound to indicate that it is now ready to use. The volume button of the phone works as the trigger of the Stunfone and simply pressing it means attacking the person posing in front of you as a threat.

The person who is showed to be the inventor and basically gives an introduction and demo of the thing is Jeff Laos. The later stages of the video shows the use of the stunfone by putting it on one of his friend who immediately after the touch of the stunfone lies down on the ground showing an ache on his body. Although at times, the video asks one to believe on the stunfone, but again it looks as if it is just nothing else than a spoof.

The inventor further says that this stun accessory is compatible to be used only in the iPhone 3, iPhone 4, or in 3GS and costs US$24.99. The interested buyers are asked to leave an email ID to which they say they will send information as currently, they are overwhelmed with demand for the Stunfone!

Most of the viewers, after going through the video, are finding it tough to believe it. But at the same time, they are also hoping that if a thing like that is really out in the market then they would definitely like to try it out as the good things about this stunfone is worth pulling an attention. Being very much handy and for assuring easy safety at hands, the Stun Fone iPhone accessory will do a good business. A research of the Amazon market has even proved it that such products do exist and the price is of the same range US$24.99!

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Via: Stunfone