Infinite 360 – A Creative Xbox Console

Microsoft’s Xbox is one of the most popular gaming consoles used by hardcore gamers and first timers. The software giant developed and released Xbox in the winter of 2001 to rival Sony’s PS2 and Nintendo’s GameCube. Xbox was the first video game console to feature a built in hard disk that could store games and music. It is no longer needed to carry separate memory cards. The Xbox franchise has been a visionary when it comes to gaming consoles. The body of the console, with its black rectangular frame and curved sides, is now a trademark of Microsoft’s gaming franchise. If you are planning to gift yourself an Xbox this holiday season, but would like your console to have a dash of creativity and sparkle, then Memods customized Xbox console is right up your alley.

Memods are in the artistic business of modifying gaming consoles. The team comprises of passionate gamers who have relevant expertise in Graphic Design, Electronics, and Computer Science. Memods have come up with a modified Xbox console titled ‘Infinite 360’.

Infinite 360 is a signature case with glittering visual razzmatazz that would make existing Xbox users want to trade in their consoles for the Memods version. The concept behind the modified case is simple but the execution requires skilled hands. Something Memods have in abundance.

The modified Xbox console retains its trademark rectangular frame and curved sides. The modifications include a custom painted body that the user will not find on any existing Xbox, and a mirror and light ensemble that creates the illusion of an infinite perspective. Hence the title, Infinite 360.

Memods have been generous in leaking some of their trade secrets in a Youtube video. For instance, the custom paint job has been created with a mix of grey and white paint. The infinite perspective illusion is created by fixing tiny LEDs inside the console and a two-way mirror on the outside. This video also helps existing 360 users get a feel on how to modify their own consoles.

The Infinite 360 is one of those rare designer mods that have the aesthetic ability to make the owner feel proud and evoke a certain amount of jealousy in others. The glittering black body combined with clear glass mirror and exotic blue lights make the Memods Xbox mod a perfect holiday gift. Infinite 360 is available online at and can be purchased by dropping an email to the sales team.

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Via: Kotaku