Twin Video Camcorder – Record Your Reactions and the Event at the Same Time!

We have all been in a situation, where we are video recording an event, and we are unable to record our own reactions and the event happening. And later when we are looking through the videos, we wish we could have been in the video too, because everyone is asking where you were during the video or event?

Here is a solution to the mentioned problem. Here is a product that will help you record videos with the aid of two cameras in a handheld camcorder. The product called the twin video camcorder has two cameras that will help you record your reactions and actions as well as the actual events going on. This twin video handled camcorder is perfect for people who travel a lot, or are interested in video recording among others.

So, the next time you will for sure have the opportunity to capture your emotions when a special event happens in life, like your son or daughter’s graduation, your house warming party, or anything else. This handheld camcorder has a 3x digital zoom with a light weighted handle that allows you to hold the camcorder steadily to shoot the video and your emotions, and view the video with the help of the LCD screen. The twin camcorder records all the videos to an SD card and the resolution of the videos recorded are of high quality, 640×480.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind about this twin video camcorder is that it does not allow one to take two pictures at the same time with your picture and the picture of the event. This means that pictures of only one thing at a time can be taken, if you want to take pictures of yourself and the event, a video is preferable to record your emotions and reactions as well as the recording of the event.

The twin video camcorder is a sleek and think device, which is obviously very portable and can be carried around easily without any problems and is therefore easy to use and shoot videos, as well. The dimension of the handheld video camcorder is 65 mm x 110mm x 23 mm, and is compatible with any PC. This awesome device with its even so unique and different features comes for a great price of $200icon.

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