Solitaire Chess lets you Play Against Yourself

Solitaire is probably the most iconic game that represents a fun and easy way to waste hours of your time (or to fight through that last hour of the work day. It’s ok, no one needs to know, am I right?) The concept of course is simple: you’re playing a game of strategy with yourself, and only you can work your way through the puzzle.In that vein, someone got the bright idea of taking a 2 player game like chess and converting it into this Chess solitaire game. Now you’ll have even more fun wasting your time than ever before! If you like chess, anyway.

Solitaire chess removes the need of an opponent and makes you work your way through a series of puzzles ranging from ultra beginner (hint: me) to a super expert person. The basic idea here is that you’ll need to eliminate all of the pieces laid out to you on the board except for one. Naturally, you won’t be able to make up your own chess moves. You have to stick to the traditional moves of a good old fashioned chess game. If you’re an avid chess player it could be a fun way to increase your knowledge of the game or at least fight through whatever single player chess can throw at you. Good luck (insert Starfox voice here).

Looking for some other chess fun? If you’re a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series of games, there’s a Kingdom Hearts chess set design that will blow your mind. If you just want to get some more practice in, you can test your skills against the Mephisto Master Chess computer by Saitek. Bring your A-game if you expect to beat this computer.

Via: Red Ferret