Halo Master Chief Munny Doll

Here’s another one for the Halo collector’s set. It’s the Master Chief Munny Doll, by Graphic Designer Byron Louie.


This design by Byron Louie is pretty cool because it features a lot of layering, texture, color, and detail. Of course, the proportions look weird, but that’s just the consequence of using a Munny doll. The doll itself looks really cool. Detail wise, it features the armor plates which are done really well, and the color shading which looks really accurate (not to the game of course, but just in relation to game-lighting). The visor on the helmet has specific shading schemes for the HUD which look really cool. Along with those details in the armor, there is the energy sword and the plasma grenades which are painted really well.


The shape obviously looks strange for something that is meant to become Master Chief, but it’s a concept that a lot of artists are putting into practice, and having it done with Master Chief is no different. It just so happens to be a very elaborate design.


A lot of the design work is done with the help of Super Sculpey. The shape is drawn on with a pencil and the super sculpey is molded according to it. halo4

The really neat part is that the texture is done really well, and it’s obvious that the layers and details were given a lot of attention.


Comparing this picture with the one previous, you can see the progression of the images. The major thing to note is that because of the textural detail, you can’t tell that there is actually a difference in the layer of super sculpey and the base doll.


Once again, the overall look of the doll is really amazing; the detail is very precise, and while it looks a little more like a munny doll than a Halo figure, it is definitely still worth having. After finishing it with gloss, and the addition of the energy sword and grenades, the overall piece looks pretty cool.

If you’re interested in this kind of artwork, there are a couple of other munny dolls you can check out, like this Dwight Schrute Munny Doll, also by Byron Louie.