Bob and Barney from the Simpsons Fight!

The Gameboy and television are two different means of entertainment that have separate story telling tactics and different approaches to their artwork. Both these mediums have really recognizable characters. At times they might overlap between mediums, but for the most part, particular characters are associated with particular mediums. For example the Simpsons are associated with the television, though there are games for them. Mario is known for video games even though there is a TV show for him. The creator of this short little anime concepts from both the TV show Simpsons and the popular game Mario mixed them together to create a short stop motion animation.


The story line is quite simple, just like most one minute animations tend to be. Bob and Barney from the Simpsons are fighting over the icon that appears over the Gamebow. Bob wants a flower and Barney, of course, wants beer. Luigi makes a momentary appearance before he is punched into oblivion by Barney. The rest of the animation is basically what the title entails it: Barney and Bob fight. Though, it’s less of them fighting directly one-on-one, and more of them trying to get their image onto the Gameboy. It’s still a fun and cute animation to watch. I personally am impressed by the clay figurines. They are put together in a way that is accurate but also inaccurate enough to be cute.

Lynn Burke decided to use the soundtrack from the Mario games in the beginning and the end. When the battle is starting, we get a completely different style of music: the kind of music you would hear in a Star Wars movie. The music choice leads the viewer to expect the ending, so the ending doesn’t come as a surprise, though that isn’t necessarily a negative thing. Overall the animation is very cute and well done.

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