Hang Out With the Pac-Man Mobile

There comes a time, in many geek’s life, when children begin to happen.

Without a doubt, nerdy parents will want to begin their indoctrination to the Way of the Joystick as soon as possible. To start your kids on the path of gaming from a young age, don’t be caught off guard – pick up this Pac-Man Mobile for your infant’s bedroom as soon as the doctor gives your wife the good news. This classic video game will imprint itself on the mind of your child as he watches Pac-Man running form ghosts and chasing cherries.
Pacman Mobile 2
Even if you don’t have kids, this still makes a pretty nifty decoration – you could hang it from a lamp, or over your gaming TV for a bit of nerdy flair. It’s sleek and sophisticated – or rather, sleek and nerdy – enough that it doesn’t need to be relegated to a baby’s room, though I’d keep it away from the bedroom. It’s still a mobile, and the infantile-adult aesthetic just isn’t that flattering – though the designer, etsy vendor SaltyandSweet, asserts that mobiles are no longer just for kids.

The Mobile is made up of laser-cut pieces of black mat board, and is apparently the size of a basketball when hung – though looking at the second picture, I feel like that might be an understatement.  Unless, perhaps, that clock in the photo really is the size of your thumbnail. Perhaps it simply means that the separate mobile pieces are very compact when brought together, and quite spread-out when the decoration is hung.  At any rate, after a close inspection, I’d recommend keeping this high above your baby’s head, as the edges do look a bit sharp – though I don’t think mat board actually poses much of a danger.
Pacman Mobile 1

If your baby is of the pink-onesie variety, you can also request a Ms. Pac-Man mobile instead of the classic design. The difference between the two is basically a bow, lipstick, and a beauty mark, though in this solid-black design, the only difference might be the bow – perhaps a red one for contrast? The design does look striking in all-black, but perhaps one of the ghosts could have been colored – maybe even Pac-Man himself made with yellow board.

For other decorations that suit both babies and grown-ups alike, check out these pixelated Pac-Man Pillows, and this Pac-Man Scarf that can double as a baby wrap.
Via: GeekAlerts