Snakebot- Spy Gadget for Defense Forces

Snake is one animal that just creeps me out. But when I had a glance at this snakebot, its cute robotic movements made me actually like the creature! Well, this snake is definitely not even remotely similar to the real one, plus it outstands in its creativity compared to other bots. This snakebot is actually made up of various segments, thus dividing its body into many parts. Each segment of this snake  boasts of a brain, sensors, motors, and batteries.

Are you wondering why each segment requires self-sensors? Well, if you dissemble the parts, then each segment can individually still continue behaving like an individual snake, many numerous tiny snakes from a long elongated one!

But if you assemble all segments together, then the whole snake does look a little freaky, which weighs 15 pounds, but of course that varies on the segments detached or attached later. The snakebot is capable of climbing trees or any high surfaces. What’s the whole point of creating a segmented snakebot? Well, it just makes the gadget multi-operational, in the sense if the snakebot needs to record any conversations at one point, one segment of it can be left there, while the rest of the snakebot can just go ahead with its mission!

All the hard work is done for it to payoff for the benefits for the Israel Defense Forces, and of course all are wishes lies with these researchers and creators, for it would be wonderful to have such devices, just like the insect-bot or C.R.A.B. Robotic system.

Via: dvice