My Little Pony: The Soldering Iron Edition

What’s neater than a My Little Pony modded to double as a fully functional soldering iron that looks like a unicorn horn?  Absolutely nothing.
This is probably one of the cutest mods I’ve ever seen – er, I meant, coolest! For, despite the silly appearance of the My Little Soldering Iron, the device is totally practical! Sure, the pony-iron does look pretty unwieldy to use when you need to hold the iron yourself – for example, if you’re soldering a board. But once you’re faced with a project that requires you to keep the iron perfectly stationary, you’re golden, as the pony stands quite sturdily on its cute lavender legs.

Soldering Pwny 3

If you look at the pictures of the operation, the whole affair looks incredibly grotesque – the pony’s face is covered in a cloth, and it’s firmly clamped in a vise. Thankfully, there are no shots of the “during” process, but the end result is a clean and painless unicorn horn, so I’m sure the pony was grateful for it in the end.

Soldering Pwny 1

The soldering pony was made at the weekly meeting of Crash Space, an LA-based  hackerspace, and its creators did a brilliant job. Overall, the pony really looks quite adorable, in a biomechanical sort of way – from its innocent blue eyes and darling purple wings to its smoking iron horn.  The combination of super-cute toys with super-industrial tools isn’t often seen, but it has a pretty great end result.

Soldering Pwny 4

At the very least, it’s an interesting way of mounting a soldering iron, and a new way of adding a touch of colour to your work table. The My Little Pony Soldering Iron is a wonderfully handy tool that just happens to have soft pink curls that can be tied up with ribbons and bows – oh, and sparkles, too.

Soldering Pwny 2

While we haven’t featured many pony mods here before – with the notable exception of the sweet Superman My Little Pony – we’ve definitely had an abundance of nerdy devices that also happen to involve cute animals. You can check out these USB heating gloves in the shape of sweet bears, or the various USB drives shaped like animals – wolves, tigers, and parrots, for instance.

Flickr via Slashgear