Eat Me! Pac-Man Cookie Cutters Turns Baking Geeky

Give your family and guests another reason to finish their vegetables to earn a deliciously geeky treat. Pac-Man and his foes are about to invade your kitchen in the form of a set of clever cookie cutters. Serve these at your next gaming gathering and this dessert will help you power up to win it all.

Pac-Man is a classic arcade game where you navigate through a maze and collect coins while escaping the treacherous monsters chasing after you, whose ghosts you will need to eat in order to win the game. So what’s the connection with Pac-Man and cookies? Well, they are both awesome and here is your chance to have pacman shaped cookies, with these awesome cookie cutters that are shaped like the different characters of the Pac-Man video game.

Invigorate your crew and introduce the kids to the classics with these fabulous cookie cutters. If you’re competitive (and not worried about your waistline), you can even have your own eating contest with the custom Pac-Man cookies. These cookie cutters are really cute and are available at a price of $19, which includes a set of four cookie cutters (one Pac-Man and three ghosts).

So are you ready to crumble the competition? Baking with these geeky kitchen accessories will ensure a success with the crowd every time.

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