Kick-Ass Bobble Heads Kick … Well, You Know

Bobble-Heads are fun collectibles for fans of just about anything, from celebrities to film characters, and in this case, superheroes.

I normally don’t like movies based on comic books, and I have a particular dislike for superhero-comic movies – men in tights really don’t do it for me. However, Kick-Ass was quite different from the rest – even though its titular hero wears the tackiest-looking pair of tights I’ve ever seen on a superhero.
This $12.99 Bobble-Head is a cool piece of memorabilia featuring Dave Lizewski, the gawky protagonist who becomes Kick-Ass. The reason I like him so much is that Kick-Ass is not really a superhero, at least not in the usual sense. He’s a wimpy high schooler who can hardly fight with the weapons he ordered off of ebay, and he gets beaten up by just about everyone he tries to fight.
Luckily, the 11-year-old Mindy McCready is there to save the day – while she also lacks superpowers, like everyone else in the real world, she joins his masked crusade against thugs and drug lords. Of course, she is very highly trained in martial arts as well as a variety of weaponry, so she seems super-human in such a mundane and ordinary world. She’s also helped out quite a bit by her father – Big Daddy – though he’s not displayed here. Not surprisingly, her Bobble-Head also costs $12.99.
Red Mist is another interesting character, as he starts off as neither hero nor villain; he’s more of a Kick-Ass wannabe. Of course, he’s not a good guy – in fact, he’s sort of a bad guy when you get down to it, but he’s certainly not the worst. He’s not a drug lord or a thug, he just wants to be like his idols – his evil father and the altruistic Kick-Ass. If you prefer the emo-haired anti-hero character of Red Mist, you can pick up his Bobble-Head for $12.99

Bobble-Heads are fun toys for collectors and kids alike, and there have been many released for comic book fans. For example, there’s the Batman Funko-Force Bobble-Head, as well as the Human Torch Bobble-Head, or prepare to creep everyone out for Christmas while satisfying your inner Star Wars geek with this Darth Vader as Santa Claus Bobble-Head.