16-Button Keypad: Outstrip Your Opponent in No Time

In this decade, everything a teenager or a geek can think about is the upcoming gaming devices, or the best alternative for adding more fun to their games to make it extremely fun-loving. So here’s one for all those crazy geeks out there; the Razer Nostromo, the super cool gaming keypad.

With the 16 button keypad, targeted to make the gaming functions very easy and flexible, the Razer Nostromo also has a really soft wrist pad, made of rubber to give your wrist a relaxing feeling. Well, I can really assure you, this one is bound to leave you amazed, just like the USB multi-touch keypad.

Slated to have an ergonomic design, the Razer Nostromo showcases all the latest techno-savvy features every gamer expects, plus it will leave you amazed with the new chipset and software drivers its displays which would let you program sophisticated command strings to bang your opponents right away!

The most notable feature about this gaming keypad is that each button on it is programmable, while you can also store 20 gaming profiles, 8 key maps, 8-way directional thumb pad for quicker response, the whole combo package in just one keypad for just $70.

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