Dots Gloves for iPhone make Typing Easy in the Winter

Your fingers are the key to using a touchscreen phone, so how can you enjoy these devices in the sort of cold weather that requires hand protection?

There’s not an app for that, but Dots Gloves are the next best thing. Dots’ unique gloves offer solutions in the form of acrylic yarn gloves with special fingertips that permit three fingers per hand to interact with the big icons on a touch screen device.

These metal dots (fingertips) that are built into the fingers let you operate the touch screen without direct finger contact, and the dots are smooth and curved so they wont scratch your screen.

The most recent update Dots made to their lineup of gloves claims that the apparel is ‘warmer and more precise than ever’, but the real update is the wider selection of color styles from which to choose. One can now choose among Coal, Clay, Brick and Bark Merino Lambswool, and each has its own unique style and sophistication.

Knitted from one-hundred percent merino lambswool sourced from the United Kingdom, the gloves undergo a rigorous softening process, ‘working every fiber to its utmost comfort’. Each glove model is finished with a straight stretch cuff. Thumb, index, and middle fingertips operate iPhone with ‘skin-like responsiveness.’

The whole premise of ‘made for mobile’ gloves is incredibly convenient if one braves harsh winters, and Dots’ company seems to satisfy the need for a glove that is so simple and efficient. The price isn’t too high, either, and for $20, this product would make for an excellent stocking stuffer this holiday season.

Dots Gloves are available in two standard sizes, Mens and Womens.

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Via: Dots, Coolest-Gadgets