Celebrate 30 Years of Pac-Man with Moleskine

With ever passing year video games become more ingrained in day to day lives. But, while consumers are constantly being introduced to more and more video game characters, none have quite the staying power of our great yellow friend: Pac-Man. Thirty years ago, on May 22nd in Japan, the world was introduced to what would eventually become the world’s most popular video game icon. Thirty years is quite the milestone, so how are you going to celebrate? With a shortage of arcades in the United States, you may find it difficult to get some games of Pac-Man in anywhere that isn’t your home. But, you don’t need to play Pac-Man to enjoy Pac-Man. Pac-Man Moleskine Notebook aficionados Moleskine have cooked up some very special Pac-Man notebooks to celebrate this historic anniversary. These four notebooks truly embody the greatness of Pac-Man. The small yellow notebook features a cherry, strawberry and apple, the fruits you can eat in Pac-Man to increase your score. The stylish small black notebook proudly sports a picture of Mr. Pac-Man himself, as well as two of his ghost nemeses. If the small notebooks aren’t enough of a Pac-Man anniversary celebration for you, Moleskine is also selling large black and yellow notebooks. These notebooks feature the Pac-Man game board stamped on the entire cover. Of course Pac-Man himself is there, including three ghosts, two power pellets and the aforementioned apple. Pac-Man Moleskine Set As these are Moleskine notebooks, some of the most revered notebooks available, you’re not only getting a flashy design but also a high quality product. Each notebook is printed on acid-free paper and includes limited edition Pac-Man stickers to help you celebrate. While the covers do differ in color, that’s not the only variation. The small yellow notebook contains 192 plain pages while the small black notebook is filled with 192 lined pages. The same goes for the big notebooks, only the number of pages is bumped up to 240. If one notebook just isn’t doing it for you, you may want to consider the Moleskine Pac-Man gift set. This gift set includes four different notebooks (plain), all with a different cover and design. Pac-Man Moleskine Gift Set Now, for a serious Pac-Man fan, this may seem like too much to handle. But, it gets better. A Pac-Man 30th anniversary Moleskine notebook can be yours for anywhere between $14.95-$29.95. Real Pac-Man fans will definitely find joy in this 30th anniversary Pac-Man cocktail table as well as this awesome Pac-Man alarm clock.