Mario Cubeecraft on Magnetic Board

Super Mario has never missed a day to make it to the news, whether it is a Super Mario bag, Super Mario cutting board. But I absolutely positive that you enjoy this version of Super Mario for you can make it yourself; your beloved Mario in the form of papercraft magnet board, an awesome Cubeecraft ever.

So are you wondering what parts involve cubeecraft? Well, those could be Mario, Piranha plant, mushrooms, blocks, question block, and much more, without sing glue, and holding each part with magnet.

Its an extremely easy and a fun loving process. So to begin with, first collect all the raw materials you will require, like the 24” x 36” magnet board and blue poster paper for background sky, white card stock sheets, printer paper sheets and neodymium magnets along with other basic materials like scissors, knife, glue, etc.

Once the sky is done, cut down shrubs and clouds as shown in the pictures, stick it on the sky, and then place the sheet on the magnetic board. Cut and assemble all cubeecraft characters and designs required, to create a total realistic Mario ambiance, one of the best form of cubeecraft, like the Cubee Leon.

Assemble every thing as shown in the pictures, and there you go, with one of the most adorable fun loving super Mario created in the creative cubeecraft! Since we are using magnets here, you could easily rearrange the scene as you wish, and enjoy the one of the most latest Cubeecraft, just like the Super Mario papercraft.

Via: Laboratory 424