Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm Clock with Built-in WiFi [Hands on Review]

There are many varieties of Internet Radios, Media Streamers and other MP3 Speakers available today, and the new Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm Clock with Built-in WiFi is an additional one aiming to provide simplicity and practicality.

aluratek internet radioalarm clock gadget

The new Internet Radio Alarm Clock is just as it states. It is a portable Radio to listen to the many Internet Radio stations available and has a built in Alarm Clock and also Wifi connectivity.

At first look, we were really impressed with the minimalistic design which is nicely finished and doesn’t take up much space at all. Besides the digital screen and two face buttons, it is all black, which always makes it easy to fit along with your other gadgets. Black simply rules!

We weren’t sure what to expect when we unboxed this Internet Radio, but we were amazed at the utter simplicity of connecting to the net and starting to listen to the varity of Radio stations available. All we had to do was plug it in, turn it on, and it started searching for Wifi connections available (ethernet cable connection also available). If a passcode is required, then you can easily use the Toggles on the Face of the radio or properly
select the letters by navigating with the included remote control.

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Within a minute we were connected to our Wifi network and had the Internet Radio world open up. The Aluratek interface makes it easy for any user to find the appropriate station to match their desires. By navigating through the available menus, one can select a station by Location (many worldwide countries available), favorite Genres, Popularity and also New Stations which have been added. Overall, there are more then 11,000 free Radio stations within your reach.

The sound quality of the Aluratek Internet Radio is wonderful but is not to be expected as the ultimate solution to provide sound throughout an entire house. Still, for those interested in a portable solution, this Radio grants
it along with the ability to connect it to your external speakers or sound system for further power. For most individuals, it is a great sounding portable Radio with the Internet selection as its cherry on top.

Besides the Internet Radio feature which is fun to have, Aluratek added some extra stuff, such as Media Streaming Capability, a USB port to connect your MP3 Player to, an Alarm Clock, RSS and even a Remote Control for ease of use.

aluratek internet radioalarm clock

The Internet Radio Alarm Clock with Built-in WiFi from Aluratek is only $99.99 and makes for a practical gift for those that are interest in an Internet Radio player
that is portable, simple to use and includes fun (and useful) features.

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