The Clockwork Orange Alex Plush

The Clockwork Orange Alex Plush is a cuddly piece of Stanley Kubrik’s dark science fiction classic. It is a cute and plush version of Alex, depicted by Malcolm McDowell.This cute Clockwork Orange Plush stands seven inches tall. These are the most unique toys ever and it is a great way to hug close your favorite character, outside of the movie. The Funko seven inch Plush line has effectively managed to merge pop culture and the amazing power of the adorbz quite skillfully to create this masterpiece.

The Orange Alex Plush is of course manufactured by Funko. It is a company that prides itself on providing people with terrific bobble heads and vinyl figures from a variety of genre and a number of licensed properties.

The Funko was founded in the year 1998 to bring back into vogue low tech toys in the high tech world of today. Funko’s first product bobble head was of the restaurant advertising icon, popularly known as Big Boy. With its huge success, yet another extremely popular line of Wacky Wobblers were created. Funko is popular the world over, and it has sold millions of entertaining and creative nodders and vinyl characters.

Despite the uniqueness of the product, here is a gentle warning to all parents of very young kids. They need to be a little cautious when handing over an Alex Orange Plush toy to kids under three years of age. The toy has small parts and contains a marble. At times, the toy comes with a small ball too, so parents need to closely monitor that the kid doesn’t choke on the marble or the ball. Hence, the Alex Orange Plush is an ideal toy for kids above three years of age.

Since the toy is modeled on the lines of Stanley Kubrik’s Alex, the Orange Alex Plush looks typically like a ring leader of a small band of thugs, who love to roam the city streets by night, seeking thrills and preying upon unwary citizens.

Just as with Malcolm McDowell’s brilliant portrayal of Alex, the toy too is highly stylized and elegant. This is an amazing toy for all kids and adults who would love to give vent to their imagination and play a game of thugs, pirates, and ringleaders. Hats off to the ring leader Clockwork Orange Alex Plush who is likely to keep kids glued to their rooms, playing happily for hours in an imaginative world of their own! One can own this toy at $12.99.

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