Computer Piano Case Mod

Computer case mods are typically not big projects, and many of them limit themselves to redesigns of the cases that already exist, or at least maintaining roughly the same volume. There are plenty examples of this. Something that doesn’t occur quite so often is a large scale case mod such as the piano case mod designed by David Scothern.


For this case mod, David took a piano that he purchased off of eBay, and set to modifying it so that instead of playing music, it would house his three-monitor computer workspace. The other thing about this set up is that you can actually hide everything by closing down the cover. The design is pretty elaborate, and while there aren’t any pictures of the process, we do have a handful of before and after pictures that show us what a difference it makes that it’s been modded and restored.


Of course, the original piano was pretty old, but the design was sturdy, and it definitely didn’t look like a heavy job restoring it, but according to David, the piano was actually in worse shape than it appears; the piano was out of tune, and had an infestation of woodworms, so he basically made the decision, after several months of planning to restore it, to repurpose it from practice piano to workstation.


Close up, the difference between the original and repurposed pieces is pretty obvious, but the change was drastic, and overall it looks really good.


It’s pretty deceptive, as it looks like an actual grand piano. The system set up with the mod (in case any of you techno-geeks is curious) is a pretty decent baseline model, running a Core i7, 6GB of RAM, 1TB SATA Hard Drive and a secondary graphics card to run the two extra monitors. The monitors are twin 20” models, and one 24” model.


The keys to the piano are obviously non-functional and have probably been stabilized in some way to prevent the keys from depressing, and the setup looks pretty neat too.

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Via: Lifehacker