ShotShell Shot Glasses: Military Meets Party

Are you a total freak of wild parties, where drinking and chilling adds on to the thrills and leisure? Definitely party crashers look out for something new, so ShotShell AmmoCrate glasses, perfect for one shot at each go, is what you’d really need.

ShotShell AmmoCrate includes 6 ShotShell stainless steel glasses, incredibly strong, made with premium-grade stainless steel, and guarantees 100% dishwater safe, so you don’t have to worry of its life value, for I can guarantee you they’d last like forever!

Also providing you the safest way to store these teensy glasses, these glasses are cradled in extremely strong Pelican case in Olive Drab Green, with a layer of form between two sets of 3 glasses, securing a stronger safety of each glass.

Each glass weighs 4.3 ounces, 122 grams, 3” tall with a capacity of 1.5 fluid ounces, perfectly measuring one shot! The whole set of 6 glasses is for $400, quite a lump sum, but definitely worth it.

ShotShell stainless steel glasses are also available individually, with each glass wrapped in soft fabric pouch. Each glass is made of really high quality substance ensuring the glass would never break nor corrode. If you’d prefer just one for yourself, or to gift someone, its worth $60, 2 glasses for $110 while 4 are worth $200.

The coolness of steel glasses and a chilling beer is all you need to create fantasies and a perfect party mood, and if you wish to increase your collection further, also grab lighted wine glass or the periodic beer glass.