iRobot + Kinect = KinectBot: The Robot That Obeys Commands

KinectBot makes detailed 3D maps of the surroundings and beams them to a host computer via air signals.

hacked kinect bot

With this one-of-a-kind innovation, Philipp Robbel has definitely proved it that he has some caliber. Being a student of the Personal Robotics Group at MIT, Robbel has learnt a lot about the robotic system. His integration of the 3D map sensor technology in the KinetcBot shows that instead of being a simple and very ordinary robot, this new robotic system is capable of acting on the command and gestures of human. As this system is capable of identifying human gestures, this is thought to be of great help to the disaster trapped people.

For better functioning and advanced service delivery, the KinectBot has a bot that runs on battery and a Kinect 3D sensor. Out of all hacking tools that have been introduced till now this one perhaps is the most promising and worth a look. It can produce a 3D map of its surrounding and the things found all around.

Once it creates a map of its surrounding, it sends the images to a host computer. So, the user of the KinectBot, by viewing the images on the computer screen, gets a clear glimpse of the things that are not viewable generally or are hidden. This system will be of great help in finding out those people who are trapped in ruins or in disasters and are seeking for help.

kinect bot side

Simply by not staying satisfied with what he has created, this PhD student at MIT is planning to make a full team of robots. His target is to create this team and let them down in the rescue of the ruined people. For turning this plan into reality and to get the full team of robots into action, Philipp has arranged four iRobot Create machines and has even named these as the “iPucks”.

Apart form the iPucks, he also has four quadrotors. Thus, with the KinectBot and its unique functioning Philipp has thought out the very helpful thing for people trapped in disaster. So, in the coming years one can hope to see lots of advancements in this hacking tool! And not only Philipp but lot other robotic developers are expected to utilize this tool in their creations.

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Via: Singularityhub