The Periodic Beer Glass: Every Beer-Loving Nerd’s Fantasy

What if I told you, you could brew your own cold and refreshing pint of beer in a chemistry lab? Wouldn’t Life be so much easier if simply Beryllium + Erbium=Beer or let’s call it BeEr for you chemistry nerds and to make this Beer brewing fantasy real, here’s the super cool fictional Periodic Beer Glass!

Periodic Beer Glass 1

This spectacular periodic beer glass holds 16oz of your favorite drink and bears the greatest chemical formula of all, the formula to create your very own pint of beer! What joy it would give to drink in this glass, which seems to have formulated right out of a geek’s flight of the imagination.

The Periodic Beer glass with its simplicity and chemistry genes beats any beer mug and I believe how many ever great times you’ve had with that mug of beer, you can’t help but agree with me. This glass gives us change, gives chemistry nerds something to drink for and don’t go by the formula because neither Beryllium nor Erbium would do any good for your beer and if the beer you drink contains one of these, you need to consider switching to another brewer dude!

Periodic Beer Glass 2

This awesome BeEr glass is up for sale at $8.99 and makes the perfect gift for any beer loving geek; I can tell you this because I’m dying to get one of these glasses myself.

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