The Amazing Doodle Track

Failed at entertaining the kids with a magic trick because are they all too difficult to execute? Bring some magic into their lives with the amazing Doodle Track.

Doodle Track 1

Back in our days there were hardly any toys in the market as fancy and intelligent as this spectacular car, christened the Doodle Track. The Doodle track unlike Hot Wheels and other remote control cars doesn’t need to be controlled by pushing it on a toy race car track or using a remote control. All one needs to do is draw a thick line with a black marker and the optical sensors in the car guide it along the track.

I remember those oval race car tracks of our days, they got pretty boring after a while but with the doodle track  however zigzag your line cum track may be, it will be followed enabling your kids to draw their own tracks and even have races and this magical car will surely fascinate them.

Doodle Track 2

The Doodle Track is available for $14.99 and will definitely keep you and your children engaged for hours on end, drawing lines around your living room and watching the Doodle follow your every drawn order and what’s even better is that the kit includes the car, a black marker as well as a printed demo sheet.

The Doodle Track is not just a car but a craft kit designed to make your kids overflow with creativity.

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