Spy Games with the Spy Video Trakr

The super spies of the world are known for their uber-cool and fancy looking gadgets that helps them to defeat the bad guys and escape from tight situations. Take James Bond, the most popular fictional spy, for instance. The tuxedo wearing, ice-cool Bond has an array of devices and gadgets (not to mention a dream car) to keep a track of the villain.

If you have a spy fetish and like to indulge in mock spy drills, then the Spy Video Trakr from Spy Gear would be a cool addition to your spy kit. Not only does the tracking device have super spy looks, it has an impressive set of functions as well. The Spy Video Trakr is a surveillance device that James Bond would be proud of.

Since the main function of the Spy Video Trakr is surveillance, the aesthetics of the gadget matches its purpose. The body of the Trakr is covered in camouflage black and grey, while the navigational buttons of the device is colored in red. The spy accessory has a wave-like body shape with the front and rear portion accentuated and a slightly depressed middle portion.

Most surveillance cameras are static in nature. They are fixed to the walls or hidden in discreet locations. The Spy Video Trakr goes a step beyond ordinary spy cams with a set of wheels attached to the base of the device.

Four rolling wheels are attached to the base of the Trakr, two the left and two to the right. The wheels are attached to each other by flexible wheel belts. A spy camera that can move will allow the user to follow the target in a more dynamic manner than a static camera attached to a wall.

The Spy Video Trakr has a multitude of features that should keep the user constantly engaged to the device. One of the features that would impress you is the ability of the spy camera to capture feeds in the dark. Since most of the shady activities take place in the shadows, the night vision feature of the Trakr will help you to keep an eye on the usual neighborhood suspects.

Another intelligent feature of the innovative tracking device is that the user can program the Trakr to drive on a path independently. The user can also upload apps onto the Trakr and share it with fellow spies as well. It is priced at $129.95.

The Spy Video Trakr is a complete spy accessory that allows you transform into a super spy, just like James Bond.

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