The Inside Scoop on Mega Man

Ever wanted to see what Mega Man looks like on the inside? Here’s your chance!
This sculpture is basically an anatomical model of Mega Man (or Rockman, if you’re into the original Japanese version). Half of it is the Mega Man you’re used to seeing, and half of it is the artist’s impression of Mega Man’s insides, including what his mega arm might look like without the fancy paint-job. Of course, since Mega Man is a robot, it makes sense that his insides are also very robotic, even if it’s unsettling in comparison to his outsides. The artist, Kody Koala, certainly likes to make his viewers squirm!

megaman 1

I will openly admit that I’m actually a bit disturbed by this sculpture. Okay, make that very disturbed. Yes, I can see how it’s super cool and biopunk and everything, but to be honest, I don’t like thinking of the cute megaman having so many complex parts inside him. On the exterior, he looks very simple and cute, and it’s very strange to imagine that such frightening mechanical guts are inside his sweet exterior. I think it’s the eyeball that most distresses me; while everything else it cool and mechanical, this almost-organic touch is very much unexpected.

megaman 2

I do appreciate the artistry that went into this piece, despite my unease with the subject matter. The contrast between the Mega Man that we’ve been used to seeing ever since he was a bundle of pixels, and this frighteningly robotic version is quite dramatic.

megaman 3

Even though I know there were quite a number of 3d Mega Man games produced, the original NES ones are the ones that most stuck with me, and in those, he was always about 25 pixels tall, which is considerably shorter than this paragraph! The transition from pixel to sculpture is quite impressive, and yet it remains instantly recognizable as Mega Man.

megaman 4

I’d like to see other Mega Man characters transformed through this technique. It would make a pretty interesting series to look at – though of course, the human characters might be even more disturbing to look at than this robotic Mega Man. I’d rather see robotic bits than bones, guts, and muscle!

If you’d rather see Mega Man whole, without all this cross-sectional-guts-exposed stuff going on, you should definitely check out the figurine kit. It has all the lovable Mega Man goodness, with none of the eerie insides. Or, if you prefer to see Mega Man in the classically fabulously two-dimensional look, check out these wall decals that feature Mega Man fighting off against some of his most treacherous enemies. Also check out the Mega Man Rubik’s Cube.

Via: Superpunch