Nowhere Fast 2009

Artists have their own ways of expressing things. Some express it through paintings while some express it through sculptures.But, have you ever seen an artist who expresses his viewpoints by creating mechanical sculptures? I am sure you haven’t because such people are rare to find. I guess God doesn’t make any more such men.

Well, I am taking about the great Nemo Gould who creates mechanical creatures and stuff from spare parts of other products. Now, the good part here is that all of his creatures or whatever you may call them have a theme behind them. Actually, most of the themes are the humanitarian ones. So, in other words, Gould combines the depiction of technology along with the core human values to reflect what’s on his mind. That is what a great artist is all about!

What you are seeing in this picture is a mechanical sculpture backed up with the theme of self abuse. This guy basically tries to paddle his way out. Way out from what? Well, he tries to escape the persistent clubbing on his head but poor guy doesn’t know that if he stops pedaling he will be at ease automatically. What the artist depicts here is how a person can put himself to self abuse. Even when he is trying to escape the addiction, he is still causing himself loss.

This is something very impressive actually. I love the theme behind it and moreover, the materials that were used will shock you even more. Here is a list of the things Gould used to make this sculpture:

• Rocking chairs

• vacuum cleaners and parts

• optical test equipment

• baseball bats

• drafting table parts

• lamp parts

• power tools

• safety toes

• coffee table

• “magic eye” vacuum tubes

• neon bar tube

• motor

• truck tool box

• wagon wheel

• belt wheels, belts

• chain

• sprockets

• faux ships wheel

• fishing reel

Doesn’t it surprise you? This is what art is all about. To create things from scraps and depicting what’s in your thoughts to people around you through your artwork.

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