Tron Legacy Custom Xbox 360 Console

Tron took the geek world by storm when the movie released in the summer of 1982. With extensive CGI and special effects, and a plot that dealt with a software engineer being trapped in an alternate virtual universe, it is not hard to see why the movie was popular with sci-fi fans. Subsequently, video games and comic book series have been launched to keep the film franchisee fresh in public memory.

More than two decades on, the creators behind the science fiction franchisee are back with a sequel to the original. If the original featured extensive CGI effects for the first time, the sequel promises to impress the moviegoer with new age special effects and movie technology. The sequel is called Tron: Legacy.

If you are an avid gamer and are a fan of the Tron franchisee as well, then this is probably the best time to be alive. The reason being that a spanking new Tron: Legacy Xbox 360 customized mod has been designed by Memods.

Memods is a console modification studio that modifies gaming consoles in an energetic and creative manner. The creative team at the console modification studio has talents from diverse backgrounds such as Graphic Design, Electronics, and Computer Science united by a common passion for gaming and designing custom mods. Memods uses the latest art design tools and manufacturing processes to modify consoles for major gaming corporations with a special focus on modifying consoles for Xbox 360 users.

To commemorate the release of Tron: Legacy, Memods has designed an Xbox 360 Slim custom mod with the title and the logo imprinted on the side of console. This custom mod is a visual treat with a minimalistic design aesthetic and a creative lighting technique. The Xbox mod features the words ‘Tron Legacy’ with the image of a rider on the light cycle below it.

The designer has hand cut the title and the logo on one side of the gaming console with close attention paid to the actual title and logo. To bring alive the feel of the franchisee, the team used a new lighting technique called Light Channel to highlight the imagery of the console. The Light Channel technique allows the light to flow through the logo and the imagery than sit on top of it.

The Memods Tron Legacy Custom Xbox 360 Console is a cool collectible to have if you are a Tron fan. To know more about the Tron custom mod, check out

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