Slow Down App: Stay Within the Speed Limit (Mostly)

We are all afraid of speeding past the speeding limit when driving, especially if we are traveling with friends and have loud music on to make our trip memorable. What if you found out, that your phone could control the speed of your car and notify you when you are crossing the speeding limit?

Well, if you were looking for such a technological innovation, here it is. In today’s rate of constant evolution and innovation of technology and its use, here is an Application that can be installed on your iPhone, called The Slow Down App. The iPhone owners always have the best add-ons and accessories innovated and built for them.

All you have to do is play your favorite music when driving or before starting your journey. The Slow Down App will do the rest for you. If you are driving faster than the speed limit, with the help of the App, the music will slow down and will be like a warning sign to you saying that you are crossing the speed limit and might be pulled over by a cop for speeding. And if you are exceeding the speed limit by more than ten kilometers per hour, the music on your phone will stop completely; the music will start playing once again until you are driving within the speed limit.

This is a great App for all the iPhone owners, as it will not only help you from driving in limit, but also save you from getting a ticket and being pulled over by a cop. What’s even better about this App is that it is available for free download in the iTunes store. This App will not only redefine your driving experience but will save you lots of time and money from being pulled over by cops and give you the feeling of being a responsible driver.

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Available for download at The iTunes Store