360 Panoramic Camera: A Swift and Sharp Choice

Last year, Taylor Swift showed up on an advertisement for a camera that would allow the user to take a picture of an extended strip. In this scenario she could pan the camera through the audience and have an extended picture instead of that one shot.

The creators of this particular camera took that idea and tried to stretch it a bit further. This camera takes a 360 view picture around the camera. It was mind blowing enough that the camera that Taylor Swift tried to advertise. Though this camera is only a small step up, it still blows the floor in comparison to that camera, because it covers the entire view.


The pictures that are a result of this camera look amazing. They seem to simultaneously make sense and not make sense. This is because the picture is on a flat surface and we are observing a view we normally can’t see unless we physically turn ourselves around. Since the head of the camera is what is physically turning around and not your body, it is likely that almost, if not all, of your pictures will have a piece of yourself in it. The only way to avoid this is if you place the camera above your head. Whether or not this is a drawback depends on the viewer. It has the potential to change the way facebook and myspace profile pictures are used.


The great thing about this camera is that even though it has a unique shooting capability, the pictures it takes are still able to be developed anywhere. The only catch is that you have to ask them not to cut the photos, which overall isn’t really that big of a deal.

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Via: Photojojo