XBox Kinect Enhanced The Da Vinci Experience

This perhaps is going to be a never before experience for one to try out or even witness this great work of creativity, intelligence and highly-technology based concept of the Xbox Kinect.

kinect davinci experience

If your dream had been of being a masterpiece maker like Leonardo da Vinci, this new experience based on gesture and 3D imaging will fetch you with even more than that. Feeling the aura of making and breaking 3D images on a large screen through your hands and its movements will be the golden opportunity for you that might have never been experienced by anybody. This new technology is named as the Xbox Kinect and it is all because of the balanced and perfect combination of the hardware in the right way, this gesture-based 3D imaging has become possible.

The unique feeling of trying out the Da Vinci prototype on Xbox Kinect can be realized by one only after going for it physically or after checking out the video release of the concept. The video shows how you can, by standing in front of a large projected screen make images by your hands, you can grab these by your hands, how you can throw it down or balance it mid air and how you can simply fill up the screen space with either circled objects or with broken small particles. You can practice the laws gravity and magnetism in this display by making the object either float in air or by letting it fall down.

If the same technique and things would have been shown with the use of 3D imaging only, then possibly it would have not been so interesting and mind-blowing a concept as it is now. The very feeling of grabbing the objects shown on the screen makes it an out-of-this-world idea. The next best factor about it is the idea of importing the DaVinci experience to the platform of Xbox Kinect. The addition of the gestures of drawing, holding, pulling, pushing, releasing and sliding below the objects drawn in the display, over all has made the Xbox Kinect an unsurpassable experience for all.

So, unlike many other gesture based ideas that have already been introduced in the world of technologies, this is not imprecise. Before the launch of the Xbox Kinect also, some other concepts with similar intention have been introduced but the most important things that these lacked are a perfect balance and precision. In that regard, the Xbox Kinect will be priceless possession to your collection of Xbox applications.

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