Lord of the Rings Plush Character Toys

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most famous fantasy epics of all time. It has shown its popularity equally amongst viewers of all ages and fanatics are always looking for unique collectors items. Each of the LotR characters have gained a good fan base and are popular in their own right, even including the more grim characters of Morgoth, Sauron and their orcs. Because of this popularity, a number of commercial items have been introduced for the fans. There are wide selections of t-shirts, home decor, figurines and costumes available for the Lord of the Rings lovers.

Gandalf Plush

Gandalf Plush Toy: $12.99

Orcs are the evil beings that serve Morgoth and Sauron. They live in Middle Earth and are usually described as man-shaped, man-sized dirty, but miserable creatures. Orcs are designated as soldiers of the army. In spite of their harsh character, the Lord of the Rings heroes and villains alike have been transformed into an unlikely medium: the plush toy.

Legolas Plush Toy: $12.99

These toys may a great holiday or birthday gift for kids of all ages with a love of adventure.  The plush characters are 7 inches in length. Who would’ve ever thought it’d be possible to turn tough Middle Earth personalities into appealing and soft renditions? They make a fantastic addition for Lord of the Rings collectors. The material used is completely non-toxic and washable.

Frodo Plush Toy: $12.99

These cute and cuddly Lord of the Ring miniatures of the movie characters add a unique flair to any home or office space.

Orc Plush Toy: $12.99

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