Solar Powered Egg House in China

One of the hottest trends in society today is renewable energy. With ideas from wind turbines to solar cells being the bigger options, long gone are the days of expensive and dangerous coal plants. In fact, this trend is becoming more and more popular with consumers that even in my neighbourhood, there are several houses with solar panels attached to the roof.
While the renewable energy trend is definitely spreading, in China, one architect, Dai Haifei, decided to take it to a whole new level, with his own aesthetic sense. Basically, instead of covering a house in solar panels, he built an unusual structure out of solar panels and made the hollow inside his home.


That’s right. This weird looking rock is actually a home. It looks pretty cool, and if that were really all a person needed, the planet would probably be more populated. But that’s a different point completely.


The design for this thing may not be pretty, but it is rather interesting. It has a solar panel at the top and inside there is one lamp, a water tank and bed, and it really only works for one person. But he keeps the egg-house right outside his office. He pretty much only sleeps in the egg when he isn’t working. Most of the structure is actually made of bamboo, and while not exactly warm in the winter months, it is relatively sturdy looking, and managed to serve its purpose for a few months, until media attention forced Haifei out.


The biggest thing about this egg house is that it uses green energy and is made to be cheap, costing a mere $960 USD, and being portable enough to move around. The house is two meters high, has two wheels to make it mobile, is made from sack bags and bamboo splints, as well as wood chippings and grass seeds which Haifei was hoping would grow to act as a natural insulator. The idea behind it is pretty nifty, and definitely a green-friendly idea that may just catch on.

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Via: DVice and ChinaDaily