Retro NES Controller Coffee Table Packs A Double Punch!

Its said that we have entered the Nano-Age, a time when everything around you is being shrunk down to the nanoscale, but some beg to differ like the creators of this cool NES controller table which is an exact 10:1 scaled replica of the original controller.NES Controller Coffe Table1The folk from 10up Deluxe gave birth to this giant NES Controller table that not only serves as a geeky coffee table but also doubles up as your NES controller to help you enjoy all your favorite retro games. The guys have paid painstaking attention to the tiniest details, in fact they have even carved the product details at the backside of the controller- you know in case someone flips it over! NES Controller Coffe Table2A lot of attention has been paid to the control buttons as well, all of the buttons and the D-pad have been loaded with custom springs and micro switches to make sure you have a wonderful game-play and the whole controller feels very much like the actual one! Of course when you are done playing your all time favorite games with a controller that elevates the fun level to 10 times the actual level, you can simply chill out with a cool drink and some friends over a table that is too cool to believe! You should really check out the video to see the Controller Table in action; once done, you could also have a look at the Han Solo Carbonite Coffee Table or the LED Casino Table.

Via: HardwareSphere