Angry Bird iPhone/iPod Touch Cases

The game “Angry Birds” was first released in 2009 and since then it’s become a massive hit amongst iPhone and iPod Touch users- more than ten million users have bought and played this game.  Essentially, this game is about five angry birds. The player is required to use a slingshot to throw these birds at pigs dwelling in different structures.Angry Birds is simple in concept but it’s also fun and addictive to play, which explains the game’s massive success. Since this game was made for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it seems suitable to take it and mix it with the biggest-selling iPod accessory: the iPod/iPhone case.

Angry Birds

There are three different case designs available, which obviously means that they won’t have a case for each individual bird. Out of the all five of the birds, only the red and the yellow ones have been put onto these cases. Along with these two birds there is also the option to get a “Pig King” case; all three of the designs are available to purchase for both the iPod Touch as well as the iPhone.

angry birds

The colours of the cases match the particular characters that are on them, instead of having the characters drawn onto it with a white background. This makes the appearance of the cases more interesting while still maintaining the basic figures of the characters so that they can still be recognized.

angry birds

The cases are described to be “super slim”. It clips to your iPhone/ iPod and allows you to have full access to all the ports and controls. This means that you don’t have to take the case off and can have protection on your iPhone/iPod touch at all times. This is definitely a plus in favour of these cases; both of the devices get scratched easily, which is a universally undesirable occurance, hence the high demand for cases.

If you are one of those people who obsess over having a scratch-free iPhone – which means, if you’re anyone who owns an iPhone – and if you also happen to like the game “Angry Birds”, these cases are perfect for you.

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Via: Us Gear 4