Give the Gift of a Geeky Prank Toy

The holiday season is finally here with fresh snow on the streets (in places where it snows), light decorations, and pine trees at every corner. At homes and offices Christmas decorations have begin in full earnest as people wind down towards the end of the year. People are also catching up with friends and relatives during the holiday season.Gifts and presents are another, albeit important, feature of the Christmas holidays. It would be impossible to imagine waking up on Christmas and not finding wrapped presents below the Christmas tree. This brings us to shopping for presents and the usual last minute mad scramble for gifts.

It is common for people to gift gadgets, clothes, accessories, and toys to friends and relatives. This holiday season, maybe the gifts could have naught edge to it with the Tannenbomb Prank Holiday Christmas Ornament from This is one holiday ornament that is extremely effective in driving people around it little nuts.

The Tannenbomb Prank Holiday Ornament is a spherical tree ornament covered in a shade of silver with eye-catching design elements. On the ornament there are robot motifs imprinted in red and zombie motifs imprinted in grey, which give it a really cool look. Based on its looks, the holiday ornament from ThinkGeek looks anything but a prank toy.

The spherical, grey colored tree ornament is elemental in its design to invoke irritation and send people crazy. When the user hangs the prank ornament from the Christmas tree, the weight of the spherical ornament automatically powers it on. Once the toy is turned on, it emits irritating sounds such as mosquito tones, Christmas crickets, and elf giggles at sporadic gaps.

Because the sounds are emitted at random intervals, no one would ever guess that the innocent looking tree ornament is the real culprit. The best thing about this prank toy is that it is fitted with batteries that last for months. You could probably reuse it for next Christmas as well. Another impressive feature of the prank ornament is that it automatically turns off when removed from the tree.

The Tannenbomb Prank Holiday Ornament is a perfect gifting item that you can give to annoying co-workers or people you want to prank. Christmas has never been this much fun with the spherical prank ornament. Packaged with a festive stealth inner gift box, the true prank nature of the toy is well hidden from any suspecting party. One can buy this toy at the price of $7.99 only.

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