27 Bizarre Christmas Trees

The origin of the Christmas tree by no means is a recent one, and certainly began in the medieval age, if not the ancient period. Decorating the Christmas tree became a popular tradition by the 15th and 16th centuries in Latvia and Northern Germany respectively.

Later, the tradition entered North America, and became an integral feature of the Christmas celebrations. Today, it is common to see Christmas trees decorated and installed even in non-Christian societies, mostly because of their visual appeal.

While the traditional Christmas tree is still popular, it is becoming increasingly popular for people to rely upon artificial trees which not only save precious greenery and avoid deforestation, but also give artists and craftsmen an opportunity to play with their creativity. Here are some of the more creative, and in fact some of the most bizarre Christmas trees that we could find online.

Christmas Tree Cubes

Images: Tokyo Fashion

Who would have guessed that an elegant Christmas fir tree could be recreated with the help of neon lit blocks and still look good? Well, artist Masaru Ozaki was commissioned by Parco Shibuya store in Tokyo to create this amazing Christmas Tree that glows in different colours all night long in the most postmodern manner.

Tire Christmas Tree

Via: stranger_tales

This is one of the weirdest Christmas trees ever, and has been created with the help of used tires. This bizarre Christmas tree is slightly morbid too, for the person whose tyre shop was located where the Tyre Christmas Tree is located, committed suicide on the Christmas Day.

Consumerist Christmas Tree

Via: Nabito Arquitectura

This bizarre Christmas Tree was created for an art expo in Italy, which seems to have been constructed with the help of hollow plastic pipes which may be a metaphor for the hollowness that consumerist cultures glorify. Unfortunately, Christmas has become a consumerist’s favourite festival to, thanks to all the marketing and spending that goes with the holiday season.

Steel Christmas Tree

Via: Source

Christmas may have different meanings to different people. However, for the person who created this Steel Christmas tree, it sure must signify the endurance, strength and versatility which we all must possess, just like the metal steel does. The Steel Christmas Tree can almost pass off for an industrial monument!

Sushi Christmas Tree

Via: I Cafe Woman Moderne

Japan is in many respects more consumerist than the American one, for Christmas is celebrated in Japan with pomp and show, in fact even more than any western country. This Sushi Christmas Tree only proves the craze that the Japanese have for this colourful festival. It must also be one of the tastiest and Coolest Christmas Trees apart from being completely bizarre.

Pencil Christmas Trees

Via: Marinell Turnage

Neiman Marcus, the luxury store in Dallas hosted the bizarre Pencil Christmas Tree which was created by a husband-wife duo after months and months of work.

Via: Sally Mahoney

Talking about pencils being used to make Christmas trees, here is yet another Christmas tree which has been built using pencils and crayons. They seem to be arranged in a precarious manner!

Via: Hagersten Guy

How about a mini Christmas Tree created right between the blades of a Pencil Sharpener?

Mysterious Ginseng-like Christmas Tree

Via: Sparklette

National Museum in Singapore hosts this mysterious Christmas Tree whose details we are not really sure of. The tree seems to be made of ginseng-like roots but that is just speculation!

Doll Head Christmas Tree

Via: Pepper!

If you were looking for a bizarre but beautiful tree, try and check this one out, which has a doll’s head at the top, which makes it look a little creepy. There are also weird Christmas Ornaments hanging from the lily white branches of this bizarre tree.

iPhone Christmas Tree

Via: John Villarreal

John Villarreal has created this cool iPhone 3G Christmas Tree that reveals different iPhone apps. If you are looking for Geeky Christmas Trees, you would love this one!

Teddy Bear Christmas Tree

Via: Sparklette

The cutest and cuddliest Christmas Tree could be found at the Takashimaya Shopping Centre in Ngee Ann City, Singapore.

Water Bottle Christmas Tree

Via: Eco Friend

Using almost 300 recycled water bottles made of glass, this unique Christmas tree was created by the Paprika Design Studio in Montreal.

Beer Can Christmas Tree

Via: Source

What would you do when you are broke, but want to bring home a Christmas Tree and decorate it? Well, use all the empty beer cans in the house and build an avant-garde Christmas Tree, just like these college kids did!

Via: Source

This is a more professional looking Beer Bottle Christmas Tree, that seems to be sponsored by Montreal based Ziggy’s Pub as a promotional stunt.

Via: Source

This green beer bottle Christmas Tree seems to be the work of a bunch of hippies gathered in a commune!

Christmas Tree from Leftovers

Via: Design Boom

An attractive and unique way to use al the waste that is generated by shopping bags, and boxes and a simple string!

Via: Re-Nest

This Christmas Tree has been created with the help of wood which is leftover from shipping pallets.

Via: Source

The perfect way of disposing unwanted electronic gadgets and computer waste, by creating a Christmas Tree!

Snow Shovel Christmas Tree

Via: Eternally Cool

If you have been waiting for a White Christmas in vain, and the snow shovels are lying waste, make a Christmas tree using them, just like this tree was made at La Rinascente on Via del Corso, Rome.

Lego Christmas Tree

Via: Market Watch

This unique and bizarre Christmas Tree required 850,000 Lego blocks and is installed in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Doughnut Christmas Tree

Via: Unusual Life

Those with a sweet tooth would not be able to resist drooling over this Doughnut Tree!

Ladder Christmas Tree

Via: Apartment Therapy

This Christmas tree has been built with the help of a ladder, and is just right for the space conscious and those who do not want to spend a lot of money on Christmas tree decorations.

IKEA Flatpack Christmas Tree

Via: IKEA Fans

The IKEA Flatpack Christmas Tree was built with help of waste cardboard and definitely was a great way to save money for the one who created it!

These bizarre and cool Christmas trees could just be the best way to make sure that you add a little zing to your Christmas, rather than using the same traditional Christmas tree which we are all so used to by now. Top your tree off with some awesome anime Christmas tree ornaments or this geeky Christmas ornament collection.