Top 36 Cool and Weird Christmas Trees

luxurious golden tree lit up

Christmas is celebrated all over the world and eagerly awaited for many weeks before its arrival, and the single most representative feature of any Christmas celebration is the Christmas trees which are usually an evergreen coniferous tree. Oh yeah…and the many different Christmas Ornaments that each chooses to display on their personal tree.

The tree is decorated with ornaments and lights and comes with a star on the top to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem from the Nativity Story or the host of angels. It adds to the brightness and cheer of the festivities and usually gifts are placed within the tree so that kids can pick them up in the morning.

World over, decorations significantly differ according to cultures, economic conditions and even aesthetic tastes. These days, many trees are artificial in nature and the artificial Christmas trees are no less beautiful for they represent the hard work of mankind. There is no greater joy than taking a look at some of the world’s coolest and most amazing Christmas trees.

Christmas Trees Across the World

As we all know, Christmas is celebrated all over the world with the same zest and excitement. Take a look at the different Christmas Trees and the way they are decorated across International cities.

world frankfurt tree

A beautiful Christmas Tree in the German City of Frankfurt

world karwendel mountains germany tree

A painfully pretty Tree glows against the backdrop of Karwendel Mountains in Germany, next to a chapel.

world london tree

Christmas Tree in London, one of the world’s most important cities.

world moscow tree

Christmas Tree in Moscow, the Russian capital.

world prague tree

Christmas Tree in ancient Prague, the Czech Capital.

world riga station tree

Christmas Trees in Riga, the capital of Latvia.

world riga tree

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Large Christmas Trees

You could take a look at these large Christmas trees which are decked with ornaments and decorative stuff.

largest mall tree

A large Christmas tree found in a mall.

largest nevada tree

A large Christmas tree found somewhere in Nevada, USA.

largest stockholm tree

A Huge Christmas tree placed in the Swedish Capital, Stockholm.

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Weird Christmas Tree

If you are bored of regular and brightly lit Christmas trees, you could take a look at these weird but cool Christmas trees.

weird beer tree

Too many bottles of beer lying in the room? Make a Christmas tree out of them!

weird but expensive tree

This is an expensive and weird tree, decked with all the things luxurious.

weird indoor tree 1

weird indoor tree 2

This tree occupies almost the entire house and even grows out of it!

weird inverted tree

Whoever knew that tree could be placed upside down!

weird mountain dew tree

This tree is not built with wood and leaves, but bottles of mountain Dew! Loads of them!

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Scary Christmas Trees

scary dalek tree

How would you like to get scared on the Christmas Day? Sounds weird and crazy, doesn’t it? Some people actually don’t. These two scary Christmas Trees are testimony to that fact.

scary tree

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Eco-friendly Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees might be beautiful, but if you are going to cut a natural tree or use up a lot of plastic in your tree, you are not exactly being environmentally friendly. Hence you could take a look at these cool eco-friendly trees.

eco cardboard tree

A Christmas tree made of cardboard

eco green tree

A literally green Christmas tree

eco neon tree

A neon lit Christmas tree which consumes less power.

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Metallic Christmas tree

metallic traffic night light tree

Whoever thought trees had to be either made of wood or plastic! Here are cool metallic Christmas Trees which go beyond the idea of art. One even looks like traffic lights!

metallic bizarre tree

metallic traffic light tree

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Avant-garde Christmas Tree

You could take a look at all these avant-garde Christmas Trees which demand nominations and prizes at great art exhibitions and competitions.

This tree is made of so many tiny things and so artistically created that it results in dreaminess!

avant garde accessory tree

Here is a Christmas Tree made of metallic bicycles!

avant garde another accessory tree

avant garde floating night tree

avant garde floating tree

This tree is not rooted in soil, but floats on water.

avant garde green men tree

A tree made of green men, who remind you that cutting trees is never an option.

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Haute-couture Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees and fashion do not have much in common.

luxurious haute couture tree

Or so they say. However, when you take a look at these ultra cool Christmas trees from Paris, and San Francisco you would have to think otherwise.

luxurious haute couture san francisco tree

luxurious haute couture another tree

luxurious golden tree

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Artificial Christmas Tree

artificial bbc birmingham tree

If you thought all trees are made of wood, and that only they can be beautiful, take a look at these trees here. One of actually made of Murano glass and the other built with sheer hard work!

artificial murano tree lit up

artificial murano tree

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Geeky Christmas Tree

No Christmas tree can be completely cool until something is geeky about it. If you are a fan of Pacman or if you are interested in the dynamics of OLED technology, you would certainly love these Christmas trees.

geeky oled tree

geeky led tree

geeky led tree lit up

geeky led tree another

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This only proves that Christmas trees are incredibly versatile and no matter how you decorate them, they still manage to look cool. The diversity of Christmas trees can be thought of as the diversity of the human mind, which is really beautiful. This Christmas, think of some cool ideas to decorate your Christmas tree with. I am sure you and your friends would not be disappointed with the end result.

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