19 Beautiful and Creative Christmas Trees

Christmas could be the only festival that effectively brings warmth and cheer during the coldest periods of the Northern hemisphere. The decorations, the wine, and the delicious food serve to ward off the gloom from our houses, and bring joy to frigid souls and minds.

Christmas trees in particular have the ability to unite both believers and non-believers in appreciating the pretty decorations and lights which create a mood of optimism just before the New Year begins. Here are some of the most beautiful and creative and coolest Christmas tree designs.

Coloured Christmas Trees in Tokyo

Image: mtsn

The Japanese certainly know how to keep themselves warm and cheerful, for some of the best Christmas Tree decorations come from this densely populated Asian country. Located adjacent to Ginza, the world famous shopping district in Tokyo, Shiodome is one of the most modern areas of Tokyo.

Image: mtsn

Image: mtsn

Rightfully so, you can see the Blue Tree, Red Tree and the Yellow Tree which are illuminated with the respective colours to light up and warm the hearts of shoppers and tourists alike.

Water Bottle Christmas Tree

Image: via

Empty water bottles do not comprise our idea of beauty or prettiness. Nevertheless, this pretty Christmas Tree was created using empty 5 gallon water bottles.

Pretty Christmas Tree

Image: BlackAndPurple

While it is not clear where this jewel of a Christmas Tree was found, it sure must have brought a lot of cheer and even glitz & glamour to the area surrounding it.

Warsaw Christmas Tree

Image: Liquid82

Warsaw, the Polish Capital experiences the coldest of temperatures during the month of December. However, beautiful Christmas Trees like this one at a public square are enough to drive away the gloom.

Portuguese Christmas Trees

Image: Sonic Possible 00

If you would like to experience what Christmas decorations are like in the Iberian peninsula, you should visit the cities of Lisbon and Porto in Portugal. These cities are transformed into fairytale towns with exquisite Christmas decorations like this tree here, found in Lisbon. It is the biggest Christmas Tree in all of Europe and is installed on top of Parque Eduardo VII.

Image: Josgoh

This was not found anywhere in Portugal, but it still retains a Latin flavour to it.

Image: Toupeira

This Tree was found near the Jeronimos Monastery, Lisbon. It is entirely made of lamps.

Image: Gorgeoux

This pretty tree with various graphic-like lamp art was found in Porto, famous for its Port wine.

Texas Christmas Tree

Image: Stefanie

Texas with its Southern flavoured culture is not only exotic but also home to some of the liveliest Christmas traditions in the U.S.A. This tree comes with Christmas wishes for Obama, a wise old owl, butterflies and various other characters. Christmas in Texas is an elaborate affair and involves participation from friends, family, and acquaintances. Chilly winters and clear skies encourage people to come out in the open and decorate trees in the community.

Christmas Trees in Singapore

Image: Avery NG

Singapore is yet another Asian country that celebrates Christmas in an exclusive manner. Affluence, western influence and a consumerist society has encouraged shopping malls and other commercial institutions to compete with each other to create pretty Christmas trees. The Christmas trees above were found across the city’s malls and streets like Central Shopping Street and Vivo City.

Image: Asyraf Sulaiman

Apart from beautiful and conventional Christmas trees, Singaporeans also know how to decorate a tree with a twist. This may look a little unconventional but sure looks out of the world.

Image: Jerry Wong

This weird but pretty Christmas tree was found at the Bugis Street Junction in Singapore. It has a strange Oriental appeal to it.

Hawaii Christmas Tree

Image: Bill Adams

This pretty Poinsettia Christmas Tree was found at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, Big Island. If you are tired of the consistent chill and snow, Hawaii is where you should be heading towards!

Exquisite Christmas Tree

Image: Eternal Love 01

Before the list comes to an end, we had to visit Lisbon again to tell you guys about this wonderful Christmas tree found in one of the medieval streets of the Portuguese capital.

Ice Christmas Tree in Austria

Image: MSNBC

Winters may be severe in Austria, but global warming has resulted in ice sculptures melting even during the winter. This ice sculpture of a Christmas tree was created using 30 tonnes of ice. The tree measured 18 feet but slowly melted away due to unusually warm temperatures.

Christmas trees across the world are decorated in the prettiest manner possible, and the list above is only indicative for we are sure that there are hundreds of pretty and Geeky Christmas Trees that are hidden from the eyes of cameramen. Add these awesome Christmas ornaments to perfect your own tree. The joyful act of decorating a Christmas tree is in itself a satisfying activity and creates a festive mood. If you know of any beautifully decorated Christmas tree in and around the place you stay at, do let us know!