Pac-Man: Gingerbread Edition

There’s no doubt about it, making things out of Gingerbread, frosting and candy has become an art form! While many bakers and artisans are constantly crafting culinary creations year round, something about this time of year brings out the Gingerbread Picasso (or Warhol, whichever you prefer) in even the unlikeliest of cooks.

Take Zero Lives for example. Zero gathered together some gingerbread and enough frosting to put a small mammal into a sugar coma and decided to make his or her Gingerbread dream a reality. It seems that Zero is a pretty big Pac-Man fan, at least big enough of a fan to construct the ultimate Pac Fan’s tribute to spending quarters and gobbling pellets. Zero is responsible for THE coolest Gingerbread creation ever seen by human eyes. A miniature Pac-Man arcade cabinet. Good. Gravy.

It must’ve taken Zero a lot of patience and the steadiest hands ever to create this miniature masterpiece. The gingerbread cabinet looks to be about 6 to 8 inches tall and features a screen with an illustration of a game already in progress! It doesn’t stop there though, the cabinet comes complete with artwork on the left and right sides, a joystick that looks ready to use, a coin slot (that DOESN’T look ready to use), buttons, even a marquis! Only two things are missing from Zero’s tasty looking recreation of everyone’s favorite 80’s game. The first are gumdrops to represent the Pac-Man, Blinky, Winky and the rest of the antagonistic ghosts that chase him all game long.

The second thing that the cabinet needs is its own website where gamers and foodies alike can purchase this delectable arcade game lookalike by clicking a convenient “Buy Now!” button of some kind! Surely many gamers would be flooding Zero’s inbox with requests for their own Pac-Man cabinet for themselves, for friends or even for both!

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