The Mixamp 5.8 Amplifier from Astro

Amps or amplifiers have been traditionally used to magnify the amplitude of the signal. In other words, increase the volume of the electric signal. Amplifiers have been commonly used in audio and music systems. Guitar amps are used to increase the volume of an electric or acoustic guitar whereas audio amps are used to increase the volume of a human voice.

Amplifiers have usually stayed in the background and have essayed a non-glamorous role so far. The Mixamp 5.8 from Astro is set to introduce common folks to an amp avatar that is loaded with style and functionality. Amps no longer have any reason to shy away from the spotlight.

Astro is a niche video gaming equipment company that is committed to offering the best gaming accessories. The Mixamp 5.8 is a digital accessory that allows gamers to turn their gaming headsets and controllers into wireless systems. The gamer can enjoy an awesome surround and wire free experience by plugging their consoles into the Astro Mixamp.

This is an amplifier that has been designed and developed with a lot of thought and precision. The Mixamp 5.8 features eye-catching design elements with an oval shaped body covered in metallic black. On the metallic black body frame are two circular dials. One dial is to adjust the amp signal and the other is to adjust the game volume. To break the monotony of black, the power button and the wireless button have a red tone.

With the Mixamp 5.8, any gaming console can be transformed into a wireless gaming experience. The stylish amp is extremely easy to use and install. You would not have to pore over the manual or call a technician to have this amp system installed.

The new age amp system has two units: One is the Receiver (RX) unit and the other is the wireless router. The user needs to first connect the wireless router to their specific gaming consoles. Once that is accomplished, the user can then plug in their controllers and headsets into the RX unit.

Mixamp 5.8 offers a sweet 7.1 channel Dolby® Surround Sound that will simply blow the user’s mind with its clarity and depth. The sound travels over a secure 5.8 GHz wireless connection, which leaves the crowded 2.4 GHz spectrum behind. The stylish gaming amp from Astro is compatible with the Xbox 360 and PS3 and allows for 4 RX units to be connected simultaneously.

The Mixamp 5.8 is a new age gaming accessory that is a must have at the price of $99.95 only.

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